Mark Smiley Presents Mt St. Elias – A Sea To Summit Expedition


Did you know that Mt St. Elias has the longest ski line in the world? From its summit you can ski 18,008′ to the ocean. This is the ultimate ski mountaineering adventure. Join Mark and Janelle Smiley and Jed Porter as they ascend this monstrous peak and ski 13K of the Harvard Route. Super cool!

Watch Mt. St. Elias – A Sea to Summit Expedition from Mark Smiley

Mt St Elias – A sea to summit expedition from Mark Smiley on Vimeo.

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Official Description from Vimeo:
The south side of Mt. St. Elias, located on the border of Alaska and Yukon Territory, has the longest vertical ski run in the world. From the ocean this mountain shoots up to 18,008′. Janelle Smiley, Jed Porter, and myself started from the ocean, climbed to the top, and skied about 13,000′ of Harvard Route.
All footage shot on site, during our ascent and descent.
More info:
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