Marmot Exum Guide Glove Review


Gear Review: Marmot Exum Guide Glove

MSRP: $100
Weight: 7.34 ounces / 208 grams
Summary: The Marmot Exum Guide Glove is a waterproof, breathable, and windproof glove that also features exceptional dexterity, fit, and grip in a durable package designed for mountaineering, backcountry skiing, and alpine climbing.


Every winter adventurer needs a good pair of gloves. I use and abuse my gloves harder than almost any other piece of gear, except maybe my poles. While a cheap Kinco glove works most of the time, my hands are glad to have the Marmot Exum Guide Glove in the quiver when I’m summiting Mt Shuksan, skiing the Apocalypse Couloir, or on some other exciting mission.

Marmot Exum Guide Glove Review
Exum Guide Gloves in the Apocalypse Couloir

The Marmot Exum Guide Glove is one of the better gloves I have ever worn. Like many gloves, the Exum Guide Glove is waterproof, breathable, and windproof. What I particularly like about them is the fit, the dexterity, and the grip. Plus, they are very durable.

Marmot designed the Exum Guide Glove for mountaineering, alpine climbing, and backcountry skiing. Marmot has done a great job of packing a workable glove into a beefy package. It’s at home in the mountains and ready for your next adventure.

Marmot Exum Guide Glove Review
The Marmot Exum Guide Gloves

The Exum Guide Glove appears to be a simple nylon glove with a durable leather palm, but Marmot has several features that make it unique:

    • MemBrain 2L insert keeps the fabric waterproof, windproof, and breathable so that it can deflect the elements that Mother Nature throws at you in the mountains.
    • DriClime offers a 3D wicking lining to move moisture away from your hands so they don’t get clammy and cold.
    • Thermal R insulation protects from moisture and provides warmth.
    • Falcon Grip Articulation allows for superb dexterity and ease of grip.
    • Flex Zone Palm means that the glove allows for the mobility that your hand requires and deserves.

When you try these gloves on you’ll notice a difference right away. The gloves seem to become a part of your hand, not a bulky necessity. The best feature of the glove is the articulation and dexterity of the leather. The Marmot Exum Guide Glove allows you to pinpoint your location with the small buttons on a GPS, make easy class 5 moves up a rocky ridge, lock a carabiner, tie into a climbing rope, fiddle with backpack straps, or unzip your pit vents while touring – all without removing your gloves.

Marmot Exum Guide Glove Review
Flex Zone Palm


I’ve used other gloves that allow you to complete these simple tasks. What makes the Marmot Exum Guide Glove unique is that you can do these things with a beefy glove in the middle of winter. I attribute it to the Falcon Grip Articulation and Flex Zone Palm designs.

Marmot Exum Guide Glove Review
Falcon Grip

The Marmot Exum Guide Glove features durable leather on the knuckles, fingers, and palms – all the places where a glove takes a beating. I’ve worn my gloves for 50+ days and have had no durability or waterproofing issues. For the price of the glove, that’s a pretty good deal in my opinion.

Marmot Exum Guide Glove Review
Back of Glove with Carabiner Loop

The gloves feature an elastic wrist that holds the glove in place. A large gauntlet with draw cord cinches down over your outer layers to keep the elements out. In the photo, you can see it easily fits over my Mammut Broad Peak Hoody.  I like this design, but Marmot has also developed the Marmot Exum Guide Undercuff Glove for people who don’t.

Marmot Exum Guide Glove Review
Gauntlet, Drawcord, and Elastic Wrist

Near the glove entrance, Marmot added dummy cords in case you drop your gloves. This is great for resort skiing, but I tend not to use them in the backcountry as they become a nuisance more than an asset. The Marmot Exum Guide Glove also features a carabiner loop on the finger so that you can hang your gloves off your pack and not get snow in them or clip them to a carabiner to dry in the yurt.

Marmot Exum Guide Glove Review
Dummy Cord

I will say that the Marmot Exum Guide Glove is not the warmest glove on the market. Pair them with a liner glove and you’ll be good to go in most extreme conditions. For those -20 days, a mitt like the Black Diamond Mercury might be a better option to stop the frostbite.

Marmot Exum Guide Glove Review
Rappelling with the Exum Guide Glove

If your Marmot Exum Guide Gloves get dirty. Handwash them and hang them by the carabiner clip to dry.

You don’t need to be an Exum guide to appreciate this glove. I wear a size large in the Marmot Exum Guide Glove – the same size as my Kinco Gloves. The Marmot Exum Guide Glove come in XS to XL. They only weigh 7.34 ounces and are definitely worth the price.


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