8000 Meter Peaks – List and Map Of The World’s Eight Thousanders

The Himalayas | Pixabay Image
The Himalayas | Pixabay Image

What Are The 14 Highest Peaks In The World?

Planet Earth is home to 14 8000 meter peaks. The Eight Thousanders are the world’s high points and are an attractive goal for mountaineers, yet few people are able to climb the highest peaks in the world.

The mountains included in this list indicated each mountain’s highest point. As legendary mountaineer Reinhold Messner said “All the 8,000ers have one, nothing else and that is a main summit. According to his or her personal experience, each person must decide by himself or herself where they have been. Always for me the most important thing is not where the others have gone but the experience lived through.

All of the 8000 meter peaks have summits in “the Death zone.” Due to their elevation, location, and on-mountain hazards, all of these peaks present their own challenges. Hundreds of people have died attempting eight thousanders. Will you ever stand on any of these summits?

All of the world’s 8000 meter peaks are located in Asia in China, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. All of these mountains are located in two mountain ranges:

  • Himalaya
  • Karakoram

8000 Meter Peaks Map:

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8000 Meter Peaks List:

RankPeakElevation (Meters)Elevation (Feet)RangeCountryFirst Ascent
1Everest885029.035'HimalayaNepal/China1953 (May 29) - E. Hillary T. Norgay
K2861128,250'KarakoramPakistan/China1954 (July 31) - A. Campagnoni, L. Lacedelli
Kangchenjunga858628,169'HimalayaNepal/India1955 (May 25) - G. Band, J. Brown
Lhotse851627,490'HimalayaNepal/China1956 (May 18) - F. Luchsinger, E. Reiss
Makalu846327,766'HimalayaNepal/China1955 (May 15) - J. Couzy, L. Terray
6Cho Oyu820126,906'HimalayaNepal/China1954 (October 19) - S. Joechler, H. Tichy, P. Dawa Lama
1960 (May 13) - K. Diemberer, P. Diener, M. Dorji, E. Forrer, N. Dorji, A. Schelbert
8Manaslu816326,781'HimalayaNepal1956 (May 9) - T. Imanishi, G. Norbu
9Nanga Parbat812626,660'HimalayaPakistan1953 (July 3) - H. Buhl
10Annapurna I809126,545'HimalayaNepal1950 (June 3) - M. Herzog, L. Lachenal
11Gasherbrum I806826,470'KarakoramPakistan/China1958 (July) - A. Kaufman, P. Schoening
12Broad Peak804726,400'KarakoramPakistan/China1957 (June 9) - H. Buhl, K. Diemberer, M. Schmuck, F. Winterstellar
13Gasherbrum II803526,360'KarakoramPakistan/China1956 (July 7) - S. Larch, F. Moravec, H. Willenpart
14Shishapangma802726,335'HimalayaChina1964 (May) - Chang Chun-yen, Wang Fu-zhou, Chen San, Cheng Tien-liang, Wu Tsung-yue, Sodnam Doji, Migmar Trashi, Doji, Yonten

Mount Everest Pixabay
Mount Everest

8000 Meter Peaks Records

  • Reinhold Messner was the 1st person to climb all 14 of the 8000 meter peaks. At 42-years-old, Messner accomplished the task in 16 years from 1970 to 1986.

How many of the 8000 meter peaks have you climbed or skied? If you could climb any of them, which one would you climb first? Tell us in the comments below.