New Hampshire 4000ers – List and Map Of New Hampshire 4000 Footers

White Mountains, New Hampshire | Pixabay Image
White Mountains, New Hampshire | Pixabay Image

New Hampshire is home to 48 peaks over 4000′ in elevation. If you can climb all of the New Hampshire 4000 Footers you’ll join an elite group of mountain enthusiasts. Plus you’ll get a patch from the AMC 4000 Footer Club when you complete this mountain project.

The White Mountains of New Hampshire contain numerous ranges and many mountain huts. Many of the New Hampshire 4000 Footers are located on or near the Appalachian Trail. The NH4K peaks are located in the following mountain ranges:

  • Carter-Moriah Range – 6
  • Franconia Range – 5
  • Kinsman Range – 4
  • Pemigewasset Wilderness – 4
  • Pilot Range – 1
  • Pliny Range – 1
  • Presidential Range – 9
  • Sandwich Range – 7
  • Twin Range – 8
  • Willey Range – 3

New Hampshire 4000 Footers Map:

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New Hampshire 4000 Footers List:

1Washington6288Presidential Range
2Adams5774Presidential Range
3Jefferson5712Presidential Range
4Monroe5384Presidential Range
5Madison5367Presidential Range
6Lafayette5260Franconia Range
7Lincoln5089Franconia Range
8Twin - South4902Twin Range
9Carter Dome4832Carter-Moriah Range
10Moosilauke4802Kinsman Range
11Eisenhower4780Presidential Range
12Twin - North4761Twin Range
13Carrigain4700Pemigewasset Wilderness
14Bond4698Twin Range
15Carter - Middle4610Carter-Moriah Range
16Bond - West4540Twin Range
17Garfield4500Franconia Range
18Liberty4459Franconia Range
19Carter - South4430Carter-Moriah Range
20Wildcat - A Peak4422Carter-Moriah Range
21Hancock4420Pemigewasset Wilderness
22Kinsman - South4358Kinsman Range
23Fiedl4340Willey Range
24Osceola4340Sandwich Range
25Flume4328Franconia Range
26Hancock - South4319Pemigewasset Wilderness
27Pierce4310Presidential Range
28Kinsman north4293Kinsman Range
29Willey4285Willey Range
30Bondcliff4265Twin Range
31Zealand4260Twin Range
32Tripyramid - North4180Sandwich Range
33Cabot4170Pilot Range
34Osceola - East4156Sandwich Range
35Tripyramid - Middle4140Sandwich Range
36Cannon4100Kinsman Range
37Hale4054Twin Range
38Jackson4052Presidential Range
39Tom4051Willey Range
40Wildcat - D Peak4050Carter-Moriah Range
41Moriah4049Carter-Moriah Range
42Passaconaway4043Sandwich Range
43Owl's Head4025Pemigewasset Wilderness
44Galehead4024Twin Range
45Whiteface4020Sandwich Range
46Waumbek4006Pliny Range
47Isolation4004Presidential Range
48Tecumseh4003Sandwich Range

New Hampshire 4000 Footers Records

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