Second Seven Summits Map And List

The Second Seven Summits is a peak bagging list that includes the second highest mountain on each of the 7 continents. It is typically considered a more challenging peakbagging adventure than the main Seven Summits.

Second Seven Summits Map
Second Seven Summits Map

As with any peak bagging objective, there is some debate over which peaks should be included in the Second Seven Summits list. In this post, we have compiled the list based on the Seven Summit Lists compiled by Bass and Messner:

  • Messner: K2, Ojos del Salado, Mount Logan, Dykh-Tau, Mount Kenya, Mount Tyree, Puncak Mandala
  • Bass: K2, Ojos del Salado, Mount Logan, Dykh-Tau, Mount Kenya, Mount Tyree, Mount Townsend

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Second Seven Summits Map:

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Second Seven Summits List:

RankPeakElevationProminenceRangeCountryContinentFirst Ascent
1K28611 m / 28251 ft4017 m / 13179 ftKarakoramPakistan/ChinaAsia1954
2Ojos del Salado6893 m / 22615 ft3688 m / 12100 ftAndesArgentina/ChileSouth America1937
3Mount Logan5959 m / 19551 ft5250 m / 17224 ftSaint EliasCanadaNorth America1925
4Dykh-Tau5205 m / 17077 ft2002 m / 6568 ftCaucasusRussiaEurope1888
5Mount Kenya5199 m / 17057 ft3825 m / 12549 ft-KenyaAfrica1899
6Mount Tyree4852 m / 15919 ft1152 m / 3780 ftSentinel-Antarctica1967
7Puncak Mandala4760 m / 15617 ft2760 m / 9055 ftJayawijayaIndonesiaOceania1959
8Mount Townsend2209 m / 7247 ft189 m / 620 ftSnowiesAustraliaAustralia1840


2nd 7 Summits Records:

  • Austrian Mountaineer Christian Stangl was the 1st person to climb the Second Seven Summits on 15 January 2013. Stangl used Sumantri (4870m / 15978 ft) as the highest peak in Oceania.

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