Southern Sixers Map And List

Can You Climb All Of The Southern Sixers?

The Southern Sixers is a peak bagging challenge consisting of 40 peaks with an elevation of at least 6000′ in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. All of the peaks are located within 32 miles of the TN/NC border.

Great Smoky Mountains | Pixabay Image

Over 60 peaks have an elevation of over 6000 feet in this region. Only 40 were selected because they met the criteria set forth by

  1. The summit elevation is above 6000 feet above sea level.
  2. There is a drop of 200 or more feet to a saddle between one peak and another qualifying peak or, there is a distance between the peaks of .75 miles.

The Carolina Mountain Club recognizes the official list of the Southern Sixers and the list of peaks is subject to some debate. If you climb all 40 of the Southern Sixers, and you follow their set of rules, you can be officially recognized by the South Beyond 6000 club. Learn more about the South Beyond 6000 Challenge at

All of the South Beyond 6000 Challenge peaks are located in following mountain ranges:

  • Black Mountains – 10
  • Craggy Mountains – 1
  • Great Balsam Mountains – 10
  • Great Smoky Mountains – 12
  • Plott Balsam – 4
  • Roan Mountains – 3

Southern Sixers Map:

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Southern Sixers List:

1Mt. Mitchell6684Black Mountains
2Mt. Craig6647Black Mountains
3Clingman's Dome6643Great Smoky Mountains
4Mt. Guyot6621Great Smoky Mountains
5Cattail Peak6620Black Mountains
6Balsam Cone6611Black Mountains
7Mt. Le Conte6593Great Smoky Mountains
8Mt. Gibbes6571Black Mountains
9Mt. Chapman6417Great Smoky Mountains
10Richland Balsam6410Great Balsam Mountains
11Old Black6370Great Smoky Mountains
12Celo Knob6327Black Mountains
13Blackstock Knob6320Black Mountains
14Mt. Hallback6320Black Mountains
15Waterrock Knob6292Plott Balsam
16Roan High Knob6285Roan Mountains
17Roan High Bluff6267Roan Mountains
18Lyn Lowry6240Plott Balsam
19Luftee Knob6234Great Smoky Mountains
20Gibbs Mountain6224Black Mountains
21Mt. Kephart6217Great Smoky Mountains
22Black Balsam Knob6214Great Balsam Mountains
23Winter Star Mountain6212Black Mountains
24Mt. Collins6188Great Smoky Mountains
25Mark's Knob6169Great Smoky Mountains
26Grassy Ridge6160Roan Mountains
27Big Cataloochee6155Great Smoky Mountains
28Mt. Yonaguska/Tricorner Knob6120Great Smoky Mountains
29Mt. Hardy6110Great Balsam Mountains
30Plott Balsam6088Plott Balsam
31Craggy Dome6080Craggy Mountains
32Reinhart Knob6080Great Balsam Mountains
33Grassy Cove Top6040Great Balsam Mountains
34Tennent Mountain6040Great Balsam Mountains
35Sam Knob6040Great Balsam Mountains
36Shining Rock6040Great Balsam Mountains
37Chestnut Bald6040Great Balsam Mountains
38Yellow Face6032Plott Balsam
39Cold Mountain6030Great Balsam Mountains
40Mt. Sequoyah6003Great Smoky Mountains


According to, in May 2010, Matt Kirk set the record for the South Beyond 6000 Challenge by climbing all of the peaks in 4 days, 14 hours, 38 minutes.

How many of the Southern Sixers have you hiked? Tell us in the comments below.

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