Vermont 4000ers – List and Map Of Vermont 4000 Footers

Mountains Of Vermont | Pixabay Image
Mountains Of Vermont | Pixabay Image

Depending on how you count, Vermont is home to 5 or 6 peaks that are over 4000 feet in elevation. These summits are located in the Green Mountains of Vermont. How many of the Vermont 4000 Footers have you climbed?

All of the 4000 Footers in Vermont are located in the Green Mountains. It’s not uncommon for people to climb all of these peaks in a single day. The Long Trail of Vermont connects all of these peaks and other summits in the Green Mountains.

Vermont 4000 Footers Map:

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(The pinpoints may not be 100% accurate)

Vermont 4000 Footers List:

1Mount Mansfield4393Green Mountains
2Killington Peak4235Green Mountains - Killington Peak
3Camel's Hump4083Green Mountains
4Mount Ellen4083Green Mountains
5Mount Mansfield - The Nose4020Green Mountains
6Mount Abraham4006Green Mountains - Presidential Range

Some lists of the Vermont 4000 footers do not include The Nose on Mount Mansfield, but it is over 4000′ with a 200′ change in elevation. Count it if you want to!

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