Mountains 101: University of Alberta Offers FREE Mountain Studies Course


Take A FREE, Online University Level Course Called Mountains 101 From University of Alberta

Want to learn more about the mountain environment? Sign up to take Mountains 101 from the University of Alberta. It’s a totally FREE online course that focuses on “a broad and integrated overview of the mountain world.”

The University of Alberta teamed up with Parks Canada, The Alpine Club of Canada, and MEC to create Mountains 101. The online course consists of 12 sixty-minute lessons via the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) program. This means that it is free and anyone with an Internet connection can tune in and learn.

The Mountains 101 will be taught by University of Alberta professors Dr. David Hik and Dr. Zac Robinson. A host of experts across numerous different disciplines will join the course to share their insights and knowledge about the mountain environment.  The focus will be on the physical, biological, and human dimensions of mountains in Canada and around the world.

The course will be taught direct from studios, mountaintops, huts, and valleys in order to bring the mountain environment to you via the Internet. Topics will include weather, plants, animals, geology, cultures, glaciers, and everything else you’ve ever wondered about in the mountains.

The syllabus for Mountains 101 lists the following 12 lessons:

  1. Why Mountains Matter
  2. Origins
  3. Climate
  4. Bodies At Altitude
  5. Water Towers
  6. Glaciers
  7. Imagination
  8. Hazards
  9. Mountain Diversity and Adaptations of Plants
  10. Animal Adaptations
  11. Use and Preservation
  12. Future Mountains

A useful Tech Tip that you can apply to your own, personal mountain adventures will follow each lesson. No matter where you live in the world you can sign up for this free course. Mountains 101 is available in 3 formats:

  • Totally Free To Everyone
  • To Students For Course Accreditation For A Fee
  • To UofA students in class or online for UofA credit

Registration begins November 1, 2016 and the Mountains 101 course will start on January 9, 2017. Find out the most up-to-date details about the University of Alberta’s Mountains 101 course at

Watch the Mountains 101 Course Preview here:

Are you excited to learn about mountains? We certainly are!