Matchstick Productions Presents Greatest Ski Crashes Ever V.1


Matchstick Productions is one of the premier ski film production companies in the world. They’ve been the business for years and as you can imagine they’ve caught some gnarly crashes on camera. Here’s a collection of some of MSP’s greatest ski crashes from the past 25 years. Wow!

Watch MSP’s Greatest Ski Crashes Ever V.1:

Thanks to @MSPFilms for sharing this edit! Drop a comment below and let us know which one you think is the gnarliest crash.

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Official Description From YouTube:
Published on Jan 31, 2017
Usually you don’t make it to the top without some battle scars to go along with the journey. Broken bones, bloody faces, and dizzying tomahawks come with the territory of being a professional skier. Being in the business of filming with the greatest skiers in the world for 25 years we’ve seen a lot of these moments. Here are some of the the longest, dizzying, hard hitting, gravity fueled crashes from the last 25 years of filming. Comment below on who you think took the hardest hit.


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