Norton Of Everest by Hugh Norton Book Review


Book Review: Norton Of Everest: The Biography Of E.F. Norton, Soldier And Mountaineer by Hugh Norton

Do you know who E.F. Norton is? If you’re a fan of mountaineering history, it’s time to read about this legendary soldier, mountaineer, and adventurer. Norton of Everest is the biography of E.F. Norton (21 February 1884 to 3 November 1954) . Written by his youngest son, Hugh Norton, this biography provides an insightful look at the complete life of Edward Felix “Teddy” Norton and his remarkable life accomplishments.

Norton of Everest by Hugh Norton
Norton of Everest by Hugh Norton

Norton grew up in a wild time in world history. First and foremost Norton was a soldier in the British Army. During an impressive military career, Norton served in World War I, was stationed in India multiple times, and also was appointed acting governor of Hong Kong preceding Japanese occupation in World War II.

His thirst for adventure was always prevalent. This daring adventurer applied for Shackleton’s South Polar expedition in 1914, but was refused military leave to attend. Luckily, he was able to be a part the two earliest attempts to climb Mount Everest in 1921 and 1924.

Norton played a major role in the early explorations of Mount Everest including leaving his mark on the mountain. In 1924, Norton climbed without oxygen to within 1,000 feet of the summit. He reached a high point of 8570 meters in the Great Couloir, which is now referred to as the Norton Couloir. His high point without oxygen record stood for 54 years. Peter Habeler and Reinhold Messner broke that long-standing record in 1978 when they summited Everest without oxygen.

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During the 1924 Mount Everest Expedition, Norton served as the leader. This is the same expedition when George Mallory and Andrew Irving disappeared during their summit attempt. Whether they reached the highest point in the world in 1924 has always been debatable.

E.F. Norton’s proud military career was highlighted by his accomplishments in the mountains of the world – especially Everest. Based on personal stories, letters, correspondences, and sketchbooks from his father, Hugh Norton is able to paint a vivid picture of E.F. Norton in Norton of Everest. This book focuses on much more than just Norton’s military and mountaineering feats though. It also details his personal and family life, his love of nature, his artistic talents, and so much more.

Vertebrate Publishing will publish Norton Of Everest: The Biography Of E.F. Norton, Soldier And Mountaineer by Hugh Norton in May 2017. Vertebrate Publishing sent Norton Of Everest by Hugh Norton to A Mountain Journey to review. We encourage you to pick up a copy of this book and explore the life story of E.F. Norton. Every history buff and mountaineering fan will enjoy this one.