RECALL: Black Diamond Whippet Self Arrest Ski Pole


Black Diamond Issues Recall Of Whippet and Carbon Whippet Ski Poles

Black Diamond Equipment is recalling any Whippet and Carbon Whippet Ski Poles manufactured and sold in the Fall/Winter 2013. If you purchased a BD Whippet during this period stop using it and contact Black Diamond immediately.

Black Diamond issued this recall because in rare instances the pick can break during normal use due to an “incorrect heat treatment.” If the pick breaks, the Whippet will not work as intended and has the potential for injuries.


Black Diamond Whippet Recall
Black Diamond Whippet Recall (Image from Black Diamond)

This is a voluntary recall and there have been no incidents or accidents according to CPSC. The recall affects bout 3,000 units and was issued on November 18, 2014.

To find out if you have a Whippet ski pole or Carbon Whippet ski pole that is affected by the recall consult the Black Diamond Whippet Recall info on the BD website.

Affected Whippet ski poles will have:

  • A notch on the top of the pick and have shiny, polished metal
  • Check the 5-digit date code located under the FlickLock lever – Dates between 13121 and 14015 should be sent back.

Black Diamond asks customers to submit a warranty claim on their website. They plan to replace the upper shaft on all affected units.

Black Diamond Whippet Recall
Black Diamond Whippet Recall (Image from Black Diamond)

Consult the Black Diamond website for full details on recall, images, directions, and warranty claims.

These links will help to provide more information about this recall:

Please share this with everyone you know. Stay safe out there.