RedBull Presents Windsurfing Down A Snowy Mountain w/ Levi Siver


Check out video of RedBull athlete and professional windsurfer Levi Siver windsurfing on a snowy mountain on Rishiri Island on Hokkaido in Japan. Super cool! Get the full scoop on this adventure from

Watch Levi Silver Windsurf Down A Snowy Japanese Mountain

Is this the world’s first alpine windsurfing descent?

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Official Description From Youtube:
Published on May 9, 2017
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Snowy mountain windsurfing. Is it possible? Can it work? There was one man who stepped up to take on this unprecedented challenge. His name – Levi Siver. Siver is a professional windsurfer known for catching the biggest waves all over the world, bending the wind to his will, so when he was presented the challenge to take his talents to the mountain… the answer was a no-brainer.

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