Avalanche Destroys Power Lines, Blocks Access, and Cuts Off Electricity To Arctic Village In NE Russia

Transmission Towers | Pixabay Image
Transmission Towers | Pixabay Image

Chukotka District, Russia – On October 27, 2016 an avalanche in the Chukotka Autonomous District of northern Russia destroyed 20+ transmission towers and power lines, blocked the road, and cut off electricity to the Arctic village of Amguema.

When weather permits, emergency workers will fly in to assess the damage and the avalanche hazard. Next they will try to reopen the road between Egvekinot-Cape Schmidt and restore electricity to Amguema.

Located at 67 degrees north, Amguema is a small Arctic town with a population of 531. The village currently has electricity via a diesel power plant, but they are also self sufficient due to their remote location. The main industry there is reindeer husbandry.

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