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Skyway Monte Bianco opened in 2015 after replacing the rustic funivia cable car that transported skiers from Courmayeur in Italy to Punta Helbronner near Mont Blanc.  It now whisks skiers, alpinists, and tourists into the mountains in just a matter of minutes allowing for greater access and more adventures into the heart of the Alps.

This short video from Salomon TV features an interview with mountain guide and safety manager of the new Skyway, Oscar Taiola. Taiola shines the spotlight on the history of the old cable car and the potential of the new Skyway.

Throughout this Salomon TV episode, watch Tony Lamiche, Alex Pittin, Kaj Zackrisson and Josh Daiek explore the terrain that is accessed from the Skyway Monte Bianco. Absolutely amazing.

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Published on Oct 5, 2016 [Explore more Salomon TV]

In 2015 the new Skyway Monte Bianco opened, replacing the rustic funivia cable car that for decades transported skiers and alpinists up to Punta Helbronner on the Italian side of Mont Blanc. Oscar Taiola, a mountain guide and icon of the former cable car and now safety manager for the new Skyway shares his passion for the high mountains while recounting the history of there former lift through to its current state of the art incarnation. Times and the technology might have changed, but as skiers Tony Lamiche, Alex Pittin, Kaj Zackrisson and Josh Daiek discover, the mountains haven’t.

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