Scarpa Techno X Rock Climbing Shoe


Gear Review: Scarpa Techno X Rock Climbing Shoe

MSRP Price: $145
Summary: A comfortable, durable, versatile, and breathable rock climbing shoe designed for all day multi-pitch climbing missions

The Scarpa Techno X rock climbing shoe provides all day comfort while still performing well on any climbing route. Whether you’re climbing sport, trad, or just bouldering around, this shoe is an all around beast.

Scarpa Techno X
Techno X

If you’re climbing between 5.7 and 5.11 and need a shoe that doesn’t leave your feet screaming after a single pitch, this is the shoe for you. The Scarpa Techno X’s are comfortable, durable, versatile, and breathable enough for just about any climber. This may not be the best shoe for a super high end climber who is pushing the limits of the sport though. The Scarpa Techno X is a stiff, flat lasted shoe that can edge, smear, and climb cracks well. That’s the whole package. It’s a technologically advanced shoe that combines several Scarpa innovations.

Scarpa Techno X
Climbing In The Techno X

The Scarpa Techno X rock climbing shoe was designed by Heinz Mariacher, a legend in the rock climbing shoe design world. His products, including the Techno X, are top-notch and perform great. Learn more about Mariacher here. Some of the features that Mariacher has included in the Techno X include:

    • Bi-Tension Randing – Pushes power toward toes while reducing tension
    • Comfort Fit Heel – Offers support and all day comfort
    • Vibram XS Edge – allows the sole to be both grippy and edgy

The Scarpa Techno X has enough rubber on it to make very durable – including on top of the toes. There is perforated leather to keep it breathable. It’s flat last allows for versatility and comfort. After double knotting the laces, they stay out of the way while climbing. Two pull straps on the heel make it easy to slip on. A lack of lining boosts sensitivity.

Scarpa Techno X
Climbing In The Techno X

This thing packs a punch. It only weighs 12 ounces per shoe, which is nice when they are clipped to a harness on an alpine climb They are designed for all day, multi-pitch missions but will be a appreciated on any rock climb. As with any form of footwear there is a breaking in period. Overtime the Scarpa Techno X only gets better. The shoes may stretch up to a half size over time. The ability to smear will improve.

Scarpa Techno X
Soles After A Few Weeks of Wear

As always, try on a pair before you buy them. The Scarpa Techno X tend to have a medium to low volume fit. I wear Scarpa Maestrale RS Ski Boots (size 28) and own a pair of Scarpa Crux Approach Shoes (size 44.5), so the Techno X (size 45) was a logical rock climbing shoe choice. Although I would purchase a size smaller next time. Scarpa makes quality footwear that fits my feet.

Scarpa Techno X
The Toe

For me, the Scarpa Techno X is the most comfortable rock climbing shoe I have worn. As someone who “suffers” from a mild case of Morton’s Toe (2nd toe is longer than the big toe), I find these shoes to be a good fit. I can wear them all day and they still perform at the level I need from my climbing shoes.

Official Scarpa Techno X Specs

Upper: 1.8mm Suede/MicroSuede
Midsole: Flexan 1.4
Sole: Vibram® XS Edge; 4mm
Last: FN
Sizes: 36 – 47 (half sizes)
Weight: 250g; 8.9oz (1/2 pair size 42)
Color: Silver/Azure
Product Code: 70099/001

The Scarpa Techno X MSRP is $145. Compare prices for the Scarpa Techno X below:

Learn more about the Scarpa Techno X Rock Climbing Shoe on the Scarpa Website.