Sent Productions Presents Vaya A La Cumbre


Ski Arpa
Ski Arpa, Chile
In 2011, Zach Ornitz and Ollie Nieuwland-Zlotnicki of Sent Productions headed south to Ski Arpa, Chile to film Vaya A La Cumbre.

This documentary shines the spotlight on Ski Arpa – a family run cat skiing operation in the rugged and remote Andes of Chile. When you watch this film, you’ll meet Toni and Anton Sponar and the guides and workers that make Ski Arpa one of the most unique ski operations in the world.

Sent Productions’ Vaya A La Cumbre won the People’s Choice Award at the 2014 Coldsmoke Awards in Bozeman, Montana.

Watch Vaya A La Cumbre by Sent Productions:

Vaya a la Cumbre from Zach Ornitz on Vimeo.

We highly encourage everyone to visit Ski Arpa. This is adventure skiing at it’s finest.

Ski Arpa, Chile
Ski Arpa, Chile

Official Description From Vimeo:
Vaya a la Cumbre weaves a classic family tale through the lens of skiing and life in the mountains. This story revolves around skiing but transcends it to tell a universal tale of a father’s legacy and a son’s struggle to live his own life. Many skiers have dreamed of owning their own ski area, but reality isn’t so simple: Vaya a la Cumbre explores the joys and difficulties that face a family running an operation of their own in a remote corner of Chile. The film fuses the beauty of this wild ski area with the stories of its inhabitants. Part skiing, part adventure, and part documentary, Vaya a la Cumbre inspires us to reflect on what is at stake in pursuing a dream.