Sixty Meters To Anywhere By Brendan Leonard Book Review


Book Review: Sixty Meters To Anywhere by Brendan Leonard

After hitting rock bottom and attending alcohol abuse treatment at age 23, Brendan Leonard decided that he didn’t want to end up dead or in prison because of alcohol. He sobered up and went west. Sixty Meters To Anywhere is Leonard’s story of the struggles and awkwardness he faced during that time of his life. It’s an honest memoir that’s incredibly well written.

Sixty Meters To Anywhere by Brendan Leonard
Sixty Meters To Anywhere by Brendan Leonard

In the process to reinvent himself, he headed west for grad school in an attempt to find his purpose in life. When his brother gave him a 60-meter climbing rope as a present, Leonard began exploring the mountains of the west and became a climber. Based on his experiences in the mountains, Leonard ultimately chose to do the things that he loved in the great outdoors in some of the world’s coolest places.

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Putting his journalism degree to work, Leonard found a lifestyle that defined him – “The freedom of self employment meant I could work from anywhere, and I’d been living out of a van for almost two years, traveling, climbing, exploring, an writings stories and a blog from coffee shops and public libraries” (164). And that’s exactly what Leonard did. He found success through his ability to write and his passion for the great outdoors – something that I can certainly relate to.

Sixty Meters To Anywhere is an honest and true story. To go from rock bottom and ultimately become successful is something that we can all admire. This book is different than, which I thoroughly enjoy. Instead, it’s a serious memoir that hopefully can inspire others to make changes in their life.

Brendan Leonard has written for Alpinist, Outside, Backpacker, Adventure Journal, National Geographic Adventure, Climbing, and of course the blog he created –

This is definitely a book that I would recommend. Read it today. Plus, this book has a video trailer. That’s cool.

Watch the trailer for Sixty Meters To Anywhere:

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Brendan Leonard is going a speaking tour to promote Sixty Meters To Anywhere in 2016. Find out if he’s coming to your town here.