Alberta Ski Resorts List And Map

Alberta Flag | Pixabay Image
Alberta Flag | Pixabay Image

Alberta is home to 30 ski areas, but only five of those ski resorts have over 1000 skiable acres. The vast majority of Alberta ski resorts are family friendly, local hills. Their are a few hidden gems hidden near the Alberta/BC border that are road trip worthy destinations. Where will you ski first?

On this page you’ll find a list of ski resorts and areas in Alberta, a map of Alberta ski resorts, a table highlighting Alberta ski resort statistics, and a link to where you can buy lift tickets. Enjoy!

Alberta Ski Resorts List:

Lake Louise, Alberta | Pixabay Image
Lake Louise, Alberta | Pixabay Image
  1. Banff-Sunshine Village
  2. Canyon Ski Area
  3. Castle Mountain Resort
  4. Drayton Valley Brazeau
  5. Eastlink Park
  6. Edmonton Ski Club
  7. Fairview Ski Area
  8. Gwynne Valley Ski Area
  9. Hidden Valley Ski Area
  10. Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort
  11. Lake Louise Ski Resort
  12. Long Lake Ski Area
  13. Little Smokey Ski Area
  14. Marmot Basin
  15. Medicine Lodge Ski Club
  16. Mount Joy
  17. Nakiska
  18. Nitehawk Year-Round Adventure Park
  19. Norquay
  20. Misery Mountain
  21. Pass Powderkeg Ski Area
  22. Pine Valley Resort
  23. Rabbit Hill Snow Resort
  24. Spring Lake Ski Hill
  25. Sunridge Ski Area
  26. Snow Valley Ski Area
  27. Valley Ski Club
  28. Vista Ridge
  29. Whispering Pines
  30. WinSport – Canada Olympic Park

Alberta Ski Resorts Map:

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Explore Alberta Ski Resorts Statistics:

ResortAcresVerticalTrail Map
Lake Louise42003250Map
Castle Mountain Resort35922833Map
Banff-Sunshine Village3500+3510Map
Marmot Basin16753000Map
Nitehawk Year-Round Adventure Park250580Map
WinSport - Canada Olympic Park200+390N/A
Pine Valley Snow Resort1400+Map
Canyon Ski Area700+Map
Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort
Vista Ridge35+0+Map
Long Lake Ski Area30+328Map
Drayton Valley Brazeau Ski Club26N/A
Eastlink Park6.1892Map
Snow Valley Ski Area0+0+NA
Misery Mountain0+610Map
Mount Joy0+0+N/A
Medicine Lodge Ski Club0+500N/A
Whispering Pines0+460Map
Spring Lake Ski Hill0+0+N/A
Little Smoky Ski Area0+0+Map
Valley Ski Club0+0+N/A
Pass Powderkeg Ski Area0+1200
Hidden Valley0+656Map
Gwynne Valley Ski Area0+0+N/A
Fairview Ski Resort0+500Map
Edmonton Ski Club0+0+N/A
Rabbit Hill Snow Resort0+0+Map
Sunridge Ski Area0+0+N/A

All Alberta Ski Resorts Statistics are current as of 2017. “0+” means it was hard to find accurate information.

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