Body Of Skier Found In Italian Alps After 35 Years


Skier Missing Since 1980 Found In Crevasse Near Bernina

In April 1980, Canadian Gregory Barnes was ski touring in the Italian and Swiss Alps. He never returned home. It has always been a mystery as to what actually happened to Barnes until now.

Thirty-five years later, Italian authorities notified Barnes’ sister to alert her that they found her brother’s body in a crevasse. Barnes was with a group of skiers heading to a peak in the Bernina mountain range when he ran into binding trouble. He returned to the Rifugio Marinelli hut to fix it. On his attempt to catch back up with the group he fell into a crevasse.

Piz Bernina Pixabay
Piz Bernina

Both Italian and Swiss search teams attempted to find him without any luck. Due to unseasonably warm temperatures in 2015, the glaciers melted signigicantly and Barnes’ body was finally found. He was identified because he had his passport on his person.

His remains will be sent back to Canada. RIP.


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