A Skier’s Journey – Iran


Jordan Manley, Chad Sayers, and Forrest Coots are back in the first episode of the fourth season of A Skier’s Journey. This time they go to skiing in Iran and it looks incredible. Don’t miss the latest video from A Skier’s Journey.

Watch A Skier’s Journey – Iran Right Now:

Iran: A Skier’s Journey from Jordan Manley on Vimeo.

Welcome to Iran. The skiing looks amazing. Share this with your friends if you want to go skiing in Iran.

Later this season A Skier’s Journey will take you to China and British Columbia – watch the trailer for the 4th season now.

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Official Description from Vimeo:

“Should we go?” Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots decide, indeed, they should. Upon arriving in Iran, they are welcomed with profound warmth, stunned by the immense beauty of the landscape and culture. Threaded through Tehran’s bustling bazaars to Isfahan’s dazzling mosques, the two skiers get a glimpse at the complex dichotomy that divides public and private lives in Iran. As journalist Elaine Sciolino writes, “Iran can be dazzling, and light-filled, a reflection of its complexities; but it can also be cold, confusing, and impenetrable.” To travel to Iran is a reminder of the virtues of travel itself. Nothing is as it first appears. At private ski chalets atop slopes of the Alborz and Zagros mountains, rules and customs relent.
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Director / Producer / Camera / Editor: Jordan Manley
Featuring: Chad Sayers & Forrest Coots
Associate Producer: Laura Yale
Script Consultants: Daniel Irvine & Chad Manley
Assistant Editors: Bill Hawley & Natasha Irvine
Additional Sound Design & Mix: Jeff Yellen