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Gear Review: Smith Touchstone Sunglasses

MSRP: $209
Black Matte Frame with ChromaPop Polarized Blue Mirror Lens
Summary: The Smith Touchstone sunglasses utilize game changing ChromaPop lens technology that boosts color definition and clarity. Combine this with a lightweight, sturdy, stylish, well designed frame and you’ve got the perfect sunglasses for any activity.

If you’re going to buy a quality pair of polarized sunglasses, pick up the Smith Touchstones. This review is about the Smith Touchstone Sunglasses with Matte Black Frame and ChromaPop Polarized Blue Mirror lens. The Touchstones also come in Techlite PolarChromatic and Techlite Polarized lens options.

Smith Touchstone Sunglasses
Screenshot Of Smith Touchstone Sunglasses

After six months of regularly wearing the Smith Touchstone sunglasses with the Matte Black Frame and ChromaPop Polarized Blue Mirror lens, I have to say that these are one of the best pairs of sunglasses that I have ever had. The only other contender for that title are the Smith Vanguards, which are no longer made.

Smith Touchstone Sunglasses
Smith Touchstone Sunglasses

It seems like Smith thought of everything when they designed these sunglasses. From the secure fit to the ChromaPop lens to the stylish and sturdy frames, these well designed glasses are ideal for just about any activity – biking, fishing, drinking, ski touring, kickball, ultimate, driving, climbing, dog walking, concerts, dodgeball, cross country skiing, hiking. Yes, the Smith Touchstone can do it all.

Smith Touchstone Sunglasses
Smith Touchstone Sunglasses

Smith has hyped their ChromaPop technology for a reason. It’s not just some gimmick. It’s breakthrough technology. It literally brightens everything and really brings colors to life like never before. It’s kind of like something out of a movie. These lens help to filter out color confusion by creating high contrast definition and increased clarity that truly enhances the visual experience. It’s truly hard to describe, without trying on a pair. One recurring description describes it “like noise-cancelling headphones for your eyes.” Awesome. Head over to YouTube to watch a ChromaPop Lens Technology video describing this game changing lens quality.

Smith Touchstone Sunglasses

Backcountry claims that “Polarized ChromaPop TLT lenses block 100% of damaging UVA, B, and C rays while eliminating color confusion and upping the ante on visual clarity.” Yes, please. See you later eye damage. Get out of here wrinkles. Bye-bye annoying glare. The ChromaPop lens seem to work well in every condition that I have exposed them to – snow, rain, sun, water, clouds, dusk. They continually provide superb definition as they seem to adapt to changing conditions.

Smith Touchstone Sunglasses
Smith Touchstone Sunglasses

Besides the ChromaPop technology, the multilayered, rectangular lens repels water, dirt, and fingerprints. Something that I certainly need. Talk about superior lens design. If you don’t opt for the ChromaPop, the Smith Touchstones are available withTechlite PolarChromatic and Techlite Polarized lens options too.

Smith Touchstone Sunglasses
Hinge System.

The Smith Touchstone frame is brilliant. The medium fit and large frame comes in 7 color options, each with their own lens options. The Touchstone is a stylish, lightweight, comfortable pair of sunnies that be worn all day long. The large frame increases your peripheral views, so that you can hardly even see the frame at all. For outdoor activities, peripheral vision makes a huge difference in performance.

Smith Touchstone Sunglasses
Different Touchstone Options From

These sturdy frames host stainless steel hinges for effortless opening and closing of the frame. The other thing that I really like about the Smith Touchstones is the Hydrophilic Megol Nose and Temple Pads. Huh? These rubberized pads on the nose and above the ears offer a slightly tighter fit that keeps the sunglasses securely in place at all times. It limits the movements of the glasses even when you’re sweaty.

Smith Touchstone Sunglasses
Side Profile

If you’re reading this review, you’re like me. I like to do my research before I purchase something. In all of my research, I never saw a negative review about the Smith Touchstone. These polarized sunglasses are awesome. As they should be for the retail price of $209. When you’re outside everyday, it’s a small price to pay for proper eye protection. Not only do the Smith Touchstones cut glare from asphalt, snow, water, cars, and other shiny things to a minimum, they also eliminate damaging UVA, B, and C rays, and they reduce squinting and wrinkles. Purchasing a pair of Smith Touchstones is like an investment in the safety of your eyes.

Smith Touchstone Sunglasses
Smith Touchstone Sunglasses

The Smith Touchstones go everywhere that I go and I often forget that I am even wearing them, until it gets dark. Luckily, when they ship to you they come with a lens bag and a versatile protective case so you can keep them safe and clean wherever you go. Oh yeah, they also come with a cool Smith sticker. Plus, Smith Optics stands by their lifetime warranty.

Smith Touchstone Sunglasses
Smith Touchstone Sunglasses

I have continually had success with Smith products. Smith Optics is by far my favorite eye wear company. They make solid products that I recommend.

Smith Touchstone Sunglasses Specs

    • Medium Fit / Large Coverage
    • Lens Options: Chromapop Polarized Lenses / Techlite Polarized Glass TLT Lenses
    • Evolve Frame Material
    • Anti Reflective and Hydrophobic Lens Coating
    • Hydrophilic Megol Nose and Temple Pads
    • Stainless Steel Spring Hinges
    • 8 Base Lens Curvature
    • Frame Measurements – 61-18-135
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Chromapop Polarized Blue Mirror – VLT=14%

Learn more about the Smith Touchstone Sunglasses on the Smith Optics website.

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