Colorado 14ers – List and Map Of The Fourteeners In Colorado

A 14er is a mountain peak with an elevation of at least 14,000′. According to the Colorado Geological Survey, using information form the USGS and National Geodetic Survey, Colorado is home to 58 Named Peaks greater than 14,000 feet above sea level. It’s a popular challenge for ski mountaineers and peak baggers to tag them all.

Here is a map of the Colorado 14ers:

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(All pinpoints are close, but are not 100% accurate)

These peaks are scattered across the state of Colorado in seven different mountain ranges:

  1. Elk Range (7)
  2. Front Range (6)
  3. Mosquito Range (5)
  4. San Juan Mountains (14)
  5. Sangre de Cristo (10)
  6. Sawatch Range (15)
  7. Tenmile Range (1)

Here is a list of all 58 named Colorado 14ers:

1Elbert14,440'Sawatch Range
2Massive14,421'Sawatch Range
3Harvard14,421'Sawatch Range
4Blanca Peak14,354'Sangre de Cristo
5La Plata Peak14,336'Sawatch Range
6Uncompahgre14,321'San Juan Mountains
7Crestone Peak14,294'Sangre de Cristo
8Lincoln14,293'Mosquito Range
9Castle Peak14,279'Elk Range
10Grays Peak14,278'Front Range
11Antero14,276'Sawatch Range
12Torreys Peak14,275'Front Range
13Quandary Peak14,271'Tenmile Range
14Mount Evans14,265Front Range
15Longs Peak14,259'Front Range
16Wilson14,246'San Juan Mountains
17 *Cameron14,238'Mosquito Range
18Shavano14,231'Sawatch Range
19Princeton14,204'Sawatch Range
20Belford14,203'Sawatch Range
21Yale14,200'Sawatch Range
22Crestone Needle14,197'Sangre de Cristo
23Bross14,172'Mosquito Range
24Kit Carson Peak14,165'Sangre de Cristo
25Maroon Peak14,163'Elk Range
26Tabeguache Peak14,162'Sawatch Range
27Oxford14,160'Sawatch Range
28 *El Diente Peak14,159'San Juan Mountains
29Mount Democrat14,155'Mosquito Range
30Sneffels14,150'San Juan Mountains
31Capitol Peak14,130'Elk Range
32Pikes Peak14,115'Front Range
33Snowmass Mountain14,099'Elk Range
34Eolus14,083'San Juan Mountains
35Windom Peak14,082'San Juan Mountains
36Challenger Point14,081'Sangre de Cristo
37Columbia14,077'Sawatch Range
38Missouri Mountain14,074'Sawatch Range
39Humboldt Peak14,064'Sangre de Cristo
40Mount Bierstadt14,060'Front Range
41 *Conundrum Peak14,060'Elk Range
42Sunlight Peak14,059'San Juan Mountains
43Handies Peak14.058'San Juan Mountains
44Culebra Peak14,047'Sangre de Cristo
45Ellingwood Point14,042'Sangre de Cristo
46Lindsey14,042'Sangre de Cristo
47 *Eolus North14,039'San Juan Mountains
48Little Bear Peak14,037'Sangre de Cristo
49Sherman14,036'Mosquito Range
50Redcloud Peak14,034'San Juan Mountains
51Pyramid Peak14,025'Elk Range
52 *Maroon Peak North14,019'Elk Range
53Wilson Peak14,017'San Juan Mountains
54Wetterhorn Peak14,015'San Juan Mountains
55San Luis Peak14,014'San Juan Mountains
56Huron Peak14,010'Sawatch Range
57Holy Cross14,009'Sawatch Range
58Sunshine Peak14,001'San Juan Mountains

According to the most official Colorado 14ers resource,, “To be ranked, a peak must rise at least 300 feet above the saddle that connects it to the nearest 14er peak (if another exists nearby). This guideline has been in use in Colorado for some time. The following peaks are not ranked because they do not fit this criteria, but they are on this 14er list because they are named and recognized on USGS maps:

  • Mt. Cameron – rises 138 feet above its saddle with Mt. Lincoln
  • El Diente – rises 259 feet above its saddle with Mt. Wilson
  • Conundrum Peak – rises 240 feet above its saddle with Castle Peak
  • North Eolus – rises 179 feet above its saddle with Mt. Eolus
  • North Maroon Peak – rises 234 feet above its saddle with Maroon Peak”

However you choose to count the Colorado 14ers is up to you. Tagging all of the Colorado 14ers is a big task – and it’s an even bigger task to ski them all. There are hundreds of routes to choose from, hundreds of thousands of feet of elevation gain to be climbed, and countless miles that must be covered both on and off trail. These peaks range in difficulty. rates the Colorado 14ers by difficulty and it appears that there is a 4th class route to the summit of every peak.

While there are not many official records accounting for all of the people who have climbed and/or skied all of the Colorado 14ers, there are some people that stand out:

  • Andrew Hamilton set the speed record of 9 days, 21 hours, 51 minutes from June 29 to July 9, 2015.
  • Lou Dawson was the first person to ski all the 14ers in 1991.
  • Chis Davenport was the first person to ski all the 14ers in a single season in 2006/2007.

Depending on who you speak with, there may be rules involved in how you climb the 14ers. You can choose what rules you want to follow and what rules you don’t want to follow. Go climb a peak. It’s good for you.

How many of the Colorado 14ers have you climbed or skied? If you’ve climbed or skied them all, leave a note in the comments below.