The Rise Of Superman by Steven Kotler Book Review


The Rise of Superman: Decoding The Science Of Ultimate Human Performance by Steven Kotler Book Review

What makes the impossible possible? How do action sports athletes continually accomplish superhuman feats that leave mere mortals in awe? What’s their secret for tapping into and maximizing their mental and physical abilities? It’s a little thing called flow.

The Rise Of Superman By Steven Kotler
The Rise Of Superman By Steven Kotler

Flow is an optimal state of consciousness. This heighten state allows for flawless decision making. Actually, it’s near perfect decision making. It’s a oneness with everything and it’s what makes life worth living. Who wouldn’t want to tap into the powers of flow?

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Steven Kotler, author of Abundance and West of Jesus, spent over a decade researching flow states. He specifically looked at action adventure athletes who are able to repeatedly find their flow to perform superhuman feats. His book, The Rise of Superman: Decoding The Science Of Ultimate Human Performance explores flow and will leave every reader keen to tap into their personal flow potential.

“In flow, every action, each decision, leads effortlessly, fluidly, seamlessly to the next. It’s high-speed problem solving; it’s being swept away by the river of ultimate performance.” (viii)

Flow is responsible for Danny Way’s skateboard jump over the Great Wall of China, Laird Hamilton riding skyscraper high waves, Felix Baumgartner skydiving from the edge of space, Dean Potter grabbing a rope at terminal velocity to save his own life, Jeremy Jones exploring the deepest mountains, JT Holmes performing death defying wingsuit stunts for Hollywood, and Alex Honnold free soloing Half Dome. And let’s not forget about the king of flow himself, a real life Superman, Shane McConkey and his life of pushing the limits.

These athletes are constantly pushing the limits and sometimes they don’t make. They risk it all to achieve a few brief moments of flow and they truly believe that their flow state is worth the risk. It’s a natural rush that once you experience it, you just might become a flow junkie too.

The beauty of flow is that it pushes the limits of what is possible. Tap into your flow and you’ll be able to do things you never thought you could. That’s what The Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler is all about. It’s the story of action sports heroes, psychology, and the world of flow.

You don’t have to be a super athlete to read this book. Everyone can experience flow. It’s the secret to greatness.


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