Hiker Survives Two Grizzly Bear Attacks In One Day


Todd Orr of Bozeman Survives Every Hiker’s Worst Nightmare Twice In A Day

Madison Range, Montana – On October 1, 2016 Todd Orr of Bozeman, Montana went for a morning hike up the North Fork of Bear Creek in the Madison Range to scout for elk. About 3 miles down the trail, Orr encountered a sow grizzly bear and a cub.

The sow attacked Orr despite being sprayed with bear spray. Orr was lucky to survive. After the attack, Orr headed back to the trailhead and was attacked again by the same bear. Once again he survived the grizzly attack. Orr eventually made it to his car and drove to the hospital in Ennis, Montana.

This is an incredible tale of survival, but no one tells the story better than Orr himself via his Facebook posts. Watch his video and read his description of getting attacked by a grizzly bear two times in the same day. Brutal.

Watch the video:

Read the full description of the grizzly encounters:

Todd Orr is lucky to be alive. Thanks for sharing your tale of survival.

If you’re heading into grizzly country, be bear aware and be safe.

This incident happened about a week after two other grizzly bear attacks in SW Montana. One in the Madison Range and one in the Gallatin Range. Read more about these incidents here.

Learn more about bear spray in this post.

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    I’d like to know the expiration date on his bear spray.