Tsirku Episode 2: The Drop


The North Face presents the 2nd episode of Tsirku: The Drop by Sherpa Cinemas. This 3-part series stars Sam Anthamatten, Hadley Hammer, and Ralph Backstrom as they head to the epic Tsirku Glacier zone, which is tucked into the wilds of Alaska/BC/Yukon, to ski ad ride the remote face of spines known as Corrugated.

In episode two, the team journeys sixty kilometers by snowmobile through rugged terrain – caching the gear along the way. Finally they arrive and begin to ease into the beautiful and technical world of spine skiing. Then they discuss their ultimate objective – Corrugated.

Watch Tsirku Episode 2: The Drop Now:

Anyone else jealous of this adventure? We certainly are.

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Official Description From YouTube:
Published on Oct 31, 2016
Faced with a sixty-kilometer snowmobile route across a massive glacier marked by crevasses, seracs, severe wind, and avalanche terrain, the journey soon became as relevant to the story as the destination. Due to the constantly changing weather and snow conditions, the team took over a week to develop the route and drop fuel and gear caches before completing the full day mission from Haines Pass to Corrugated basecamp.