Watch G3’s Step Outside Episode 3: Lessons


The backcountry and the mountains are always teaching us something new. Just ask Evan Stevens and Jasmin Caton from Vallhalla Mountain Touring in British Columbia. In this episode of G3’s Step Outside they tell you about lessons learned and show you why they choose to ski this terrain year in and year out.

Watch Step Outside Episode 3 – Lessons

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Official Description From YouTube:

Published on Nov 2, 2016
STEP OUTSIDE. Ask Questions. Try Something New. Exceed Expectations.

Lifetime backcountry guides Evan Stevens (IFMGA) and Jasmin Caton (ACMG) have learned a lot about what makes or breaks a good backcountry ski experience at Valhalla Mountain Touring. They each enjoy the daily lessons they get from a day in the mountains and enjoy sharing it with skiers who join them along the way.

Skiers: Evan Stevens, James McSkimming, Jasmin Caton
Skis: G3 FINDr 102, Empire 115, Synapse 101 elle
Bindings: G3 ION LT 12
Skins: G3 Alpinist LT Climbing Skins, G3 Scala Skins, G3 LT Mohair Skins
Location: Valhalla Mountain Touring, BC
Videography: Grant Baldwin
Edit: Jamie Bond /