Wolf Attacks Bighorn Sheep On Highway 40 In Kananaskis Country, Canada

Wolf | Pixabay Image
Wolf | Pixabay Image

Motorist Captures Rare Footage Of Lone Wolf Chasing Down And  Killing Bighorn Sheep in Kananaskis Country, Alberta

This is truly a National Geographic moment! These motorists caught a rare wolf attack on camera while driving down Highway 40 en route to their campsite for the night in Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada. Wild!

The lone wolf chases a herd of bighorn sheep down the highway. After separating one bighorn sheep from the herd, it goes in for the kill, taking it down on the side of the highway – just missing vehicles. The wolf takes the sheep down and drags it into the thick Canadian forest. Brutal, but real.

Watch this rare footage where a wolf attacks bighorn sheep posted to YouTube by Melissa Gibson:

Alberta Environment and Parks estimates that there are 7000 wolves in Alberta. Wolves are rarely spotted and footage like this is very rare. Nature is amazing. #neature

Here’s another angle on what appears to be the same wolf attack from YouTuber Christine Campbell:


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