Avalanche Forecasts App Review


Download The Avalanche Forecasts App And Easily Get Every Avalanche Forecast In North America – It’s Free!

Do you go into the backcountry in the winter? If so, you need to download Avalanche Forecasts. It’s a free app that helps you stay up-to-date on backcountry conditions across North America.

avalanche forecasts app
Over 100+ Forecast Centers (Blue Dot Is my location)

Avalanche Forecasts is a super simple app that allows you to get the avalanche hazard rating and forecast from any and every avalanche center in North America. The app features easy access to 100+ forecast regions in the United States and Canada. Every region is color coded based on the current avalanche danger. It helps you Know Before You Go, so download this app.

avalanche forecasts app
Lower 48
avalanche forecasts app
The NorthWest
avalanche forecasts app

By utilizing your smartphone’s GPS functionality, it auto zooms into your current location, but zoom out and you can see the avalanche hazard rating from any forecast zone. The zones are color coded according to the North America Public Avalanche Danger Scale – just like the avalanche hazard rating we are all used to. The colors are:

  • Extreme – black
  • High – Red
  • Considerable – Orange
  • Moderate – Yellow
  • Green – Low
  • Grey – No Forecast

Tap the color coded legend to get a description of each color.

North American Public Avalanche Danger Scale - Avalanche.org
North American Public Avalanche Danger Scale

All you have to do is click on any forecast zone and the app will automatically link to the latest avalanche forecast for that area. You’ll need WiFi or cellular service to get the latest info. According to the app, the content is cached and can be seen offline – in case you need to refer to it in the mountains. Not something I’ve tried though.

avalanche forecasts app
Link To The Latest Forecast

The Avalanche Forecasts App is perfect for keeping track of snow stability across North America. A few simple taps of the app and you’ll be able to monitor what’s going on in any forecast zone. It’s perfect for planning that epic powder road trip you’ve been wanting to go on.

The app is set up for you to view the forecast for Today, Tomorrow, and 2 Days Out. This gives you a good idea of what’s going on in the great outdoors.

avalanche forecasts app
Quick And Simple Directions

Download Avalanche Forecasts on iOS or Android. It’s the absolute best way that we’ve found to track the avalanche conditions across the North America.

Avalanche Forecasts App Logo
Avalanche Forecasts App Logo


Avalanche Forecasts App


Avalanche Forecasts collects and shares data from their forecasting partners and avalanche centers such as:

  • NWAC (Northwest US)
  • CAIC (Colorado)
  • UAC (Utah)
  • SAC (Central Sierras)
  • ESAC (Eastern Sierras)
  • MSAC (Mount Shasta)
  • BTAC (Jackson Hole)
  • GNFAC (Bozeman)
  • WCMAC (Missoula)
  • FAC (Kalispell)
  • SNFAC (Sun Valley)
  • IPAC (Idaho Panhandle)
  • PAC (McCall)
  • MWAC (Mount Washington)
  • KPAC (Flagstaff)
  • WAC (NE Oregon)
  • CBAC (Crested Butte)
  • CNFAIC (Chugach)
  • JAC (Juneau)
  • AAC (Anchorage)
  • HAIC (Haines)
  • VAC (Valdez)
  • Cordova
  • HPAC (Hatcher Pass),
  • Avalanche Canada
  • Parks Canada
  • WhistlerBlackcomb
  • VIAC (Vancouver Island)
  • Avalanche Quebec (Chic Chocs)

Find links to all of these avalanche centers on this page.