Snowboarder Killed In Avalanche In Gunma Prefecture In Japan

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Gunma, Japan – On Wednesday, March 22, 2017 a 31-year-old female snowboarder was killed in an avalanche while riding in the Zodiac backcountry area near the Oguna Hotaka ski resort near Katashina Village in the Gunma Prefecture of Japan.

The group of snowboarders had arrived at the resort around 9 and had been snowboarding since 11. The size 2 avalanche occurred at 1:45pm outside of the designated ski area at approximately 1800 meters. Three people were caught in the avalanche. One was fully buried and another was partially buried. Everyone was located with avalanche beacons and rescued in approximately 15 minutes.

The fully buried individual was transported to the hospital. Unfortunately, she did not survive. identified the victim as Shimpo Koike.

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