Trailfoody Review: Your Monthly Subscription To Tasty Trail Snacks


Trailfoody Delivers Healthy & Nutritious Trail Food To Your Door

For every backcountry adventure you’re going to need to pack snacks. Snacks provide you with the energy you need for hiking, biking, skiing, paddling, trail running, fishing, climbing, peak bagging, or any other outdoor pursuit. As mountain enthusiasts, we know how important snacks are for our outdoor pursuits – and so does Trailfoody.

Trailfoody in the mountains

Trailfoody is a monthly subscription service that delivers healthy, nutritious, and tasty snacks to your door. Every month Trailfoody delivers premium trail food like Dried Fruits, Jerky, Energy Bars, Artisan Crackers/Crisps, Summer Sausage, Gourmet Nut Mix, Energy Drink, Meal Bars, Trail Mix, or other snacks. The snacks fit in a nice orange, durable and branded Trailfoody stuff sack so that you’re always ready for an adventure. This is trail food, simplified.

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Every time a box shows up it will be jam packed with new snacks that are packable, fast, lightweight, and tasty. These snacks slip into your pack or your pocket so that you can refuel on the peak, on the trail, or on the go. Trailfoody provides healthy, long-lasting, and delicious snacks that even the pickiest tastebuds will enjoy.

TrailFoody Snacks

Trailfoody is ideal for full day adventures. The amount of snacks you need, will ultimately depend on how many adventures you have per month. Which Trailfoody subscription is right for you?

  • The Wanderer – $21.95/month  – 1-2 Outings – 9+ trailfoods, 1100-1400 calories + stuff sack
  • The Pathfinder – $ 43.95/month – 3 Outings – 3 packs of 7+ trailfoods, 700-1,000 calories each + stuff sack
  • The Intrepid- $ 53.95/month – 4 Outings – 4 packs of 7+ trailfoods, 700-1,000 calories each + stuff sack
TrailFoody Subscription Options | Screenshot from
TrailFoody Subscription Options | Screenshot from

If you’re going on epics or multiple adventures a month, Trailfoody is a nice way to compliment your current snack selections. Are you ready to experience trail food from cool brands like ProBar, Justin’s Kate’s Fruit Bliss, Honey Stinger, Laiki, Phive, Lawless Jerky, BGood, and others? Not only will you learn about new brands, but you’ll also discover new favorite trail foods. In our bag, we love the Lawless Jerky!

When you subscribe to Trailfoody, you’ll always have trail food ready to go whenever the great outdoors is calling. Never again will you have to scramble to make a PBJ or rush to the store to re-up on energy bars. Trailfoody sets you up for successful day trips. Human powered adventures require food. Without it, you’ll bonk – and that’s no fun. Stay bonk-free with a subscription to Trailfoody.

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One great thing about the Trailfoody subscription program is that you can skip a month at any time. You can also change or cancel your plan at any time. It’s a worry free program. And as we all know, trail snacks can be expensive. When you subscribe to Trailfoody, it is a cost effective way to get the snacks you need. Let Trailfoody satisfy your tastebuds and fuel your tank on your next mountain journey.


Subscribe to Trailfoody for yourself or get it as a gift for your favorite outdoor enthusiast. Try #Trailfoody today and get your “Trail-tuned, Taste-tested Food Kits for Day Adventures” delivered to your door ASAP.

Trailfoody in the mountains

Trailfoody sent us a one time trial to review on A Mountain Journey. This post represents our honest opinion of this product and we give it two thumbs up. We ate all our snacks and wish we had more.