Skier Killed In Avalanche On Kegelkopf In Tyrol, Austria


Tyrol, Austria – On Saturday, April 22, 2017 a skier was killed in an avalanche while descending the northeast face of Kegelkopf (2837 meters) in the Samnaungruppe near the municipality of Tobadill in the Landeck district in Tyrol, Austria.

Avalanche Debris - Pixabay
Avalanche Debris | Stock Image

The incident occurred while the group of 3 skiers were touring from Flathalm to Kegelkopf in Tobadill. They triggered the slide around 11:30 am. All three were caught in the avalanche and swept over steep and rocky terrain. Two of the skiers were only slightly injured. Unfortunately, a 53-year-old, who was only partially buried, suffered serious head injuries and did not survived.

Reports state that the avalanche measured 50 meters wide by 200 meters long. See photos of the avalanche at

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  • reports that the size 2 slab avalanche occurred at a lat/long of 47.0945° N / 10.5429° E. This was a NE aspect on a 40 degree slope at 2600 meters. The slide measured 200 meters long by 50 meters wide. The danger rating was 2/5.

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