Avalanche Kills 2 Teen Mountain Climbers In Retezat Mountains In Romania


National Park Retezat, Romania – On April 22, 2017 two teens were killed and 5 others were injured in an avalanche while trekking with their fathers near Lake Bucura while attempting to climb Peleaga Peak (2509 meters) in the Retezat National Park in Romania (EuroNews.com).

Avalanche on Mount Everest | Pixabay Image
Avalanche | Pixabay Image

Over 50 people were on the mountain at the time of the incident (Romania-Insider.com). The avalanche killed the 2 victims. Five others, including the fathers, were injured in the slide. The injured parties were taken to the hospital in Hunedoara.

Romania-Insider.com identified the victims as Dor Geta Popescu, 14, and Erik Galucsi, 12. They were record holding mountain climbers: Popescu was the youngest person to climb Aconcagua. Gulacsi was the youngest boy in Europe to climb Elbrus. Read more about their records on RomaniaJournal.ro.

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