Avalanche Kills 17 Climbers On Mount Otgontenger In Mongolia (UPDATED)


Mount Otgontenger, Mongolia – On Sunday, October 22, 2017 17 mountaineers were caught in an avalanche on 4008-meter Mount Otgontenger in the Khangai Mountains in the Zavkhan province in western Mongolia. Upon first reports, ten of the climbers were killed and 7 others are currently missing. It has now been confirmed that all 17 of the climbers were killed.

Mongolia | Pixabay Image
Mongolia | Pixabay Image

The incident occurred as the climbers were descending the mountain. There were a total of 27 climbers – 10 of the climbers made it down safely and alerted authorities. The 17 climbers who are dead or missing include 4 woman and 13 men ages 30 to 50.

Search operations are underway and included 200 people and 2 helicopters. The victims were found around 3200-3450 meters.

In 2015, the government banned people from climbing Mount Otgontenger for environmental protection (News.Xinhuanet.com).

UPDATE 10/25:

  • On Wednesday, rescuers located the 7 missing climbers – increasing the official death toll in this avalanche to 17. (Tribune.com.pk).
  • According to News.Xinhuanet.com, the “mountaineers went up despite the ban and ignored a call by the inspector for environmental protection of Zavkhan Province, where the peak is located, to suspend their ascent.

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