One Dead, One Missing In Avalanche On Pietrosu Peak In Calimani Mountains In Romania


Pietrosu Peak, Romania – On Friday, December 1, 2017, three mountaineers were caught in an avalanche at on 2102-meter Pietrosu Peak in the Calimani Mountains in the Carpathian Mountains of northern Romania.

The group consisted of two men and a woman who were attempting to plant the Romanian flag on the summit of Pietrosu Peak in a humanitarian mission for Romania’s National Day.

Romania | Pixabay Image
Romania | Pixabay Image

A 36-year-old firefighter was able to escape the slide and alert authorities. A rescue was initiated. The 1st person was found cooperative and conscious. He was transported to the hospital with injuries.

Rescuers located an unconscious woman buried in the snow. After an hour of resuscitation, she was declared dead

Dozens of rescuers including rescue workers, mountain gendarmes, firefighters and search and rescue dogs conducted the search for the final missing person. At this point the 3rd individual has not been found. He is a 40-year-old firefighter with the Vatra Dornei Fire Department.

Unfortunately, the search for the missing person has been suspended due unfavorable weather conditions and further avalanche risk. Hopefully the search will resume in a few days.

We will try to update this post when more information is available.

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