Avalanche Kills Ski Tourer On Combe Bénite in Savoie, France


Combe Bénite, France – On Friday, December 15, 2017 a 46-year-old ski tourer was killed in an avalanche while skiing the east face of Combe Bénite in the Haute Tarentaise near La Plagne in southeastern France.

France | Pixabay Image
France | Pixabay Image

The experienced, local victim was ski touring with one other backcountry partner. They arrived at the summit and were descending the east face when the skier triggered the avalanche. The avalanche is reported as being 200 metes long by 500 meters wide.

The 2nd skier alerted PGHM Courchevel who responded to the scene. The victim was taken over 40-meter cliffs during the avalanche. The skier was located quickly, but rescuers were unable to resuscitate him. He died due to the injuries sustained in the avalanche. He was equipped with an airbag pack and necessary avalanche gear.

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