Backcountry Ski Guide

Searching For Ski Routes? A Mountain Journey’s Backcountry Ski Guide Has The Ski Beta You Need

Each marker on the map below represents a ski route. Zoom in to your favorite zone and click on the markers that interest you. They will link to a page that includes useful beta about the ski line (aspect, elevations, guidebooks, trip report links, etc). Let the Backcountry Ski Guide help you find your next ski mountaineering adventure.

This is a on-going project. More markers will be added soon. Enjoy.

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Do you know of a ski route you’d like to add? Submit your link.

The Backcountry Ski Guide is a constant work in progress and we will never be able to mark every ski route in the world, nor do we want to. The mountains will always be there and a skier’s eye will always find new lines, secret zones, and creative link ups, traverses, couloirs, faces, and more.

Use the Backcountry Ski Guide as a starting point for your backcountry skiing adventures. It can help you find ski routes, but it’s your responsibility as a skier to do your own research before you head out into the backcountry to explore the mountains. Have fun, but more importantly be safe.

This project began after countless hours of researching ski routes around the world. There was no single reliable source for information available anywhere. Finding cool ski lines was a combination of Google Earth, trip reports, guide books, local knowledge, Instagram photos, lots of coffee, and luck.

Hopefully, the Backcountry Ski Guide can help point people in the right direction. We’re not trying to share the secrets of the mountains. FYI – all lines featured here have already been featured some place else. And if you’re here, you probably like what we’re doing or you’re looking for the type of beta we’re trying to supply. Either way, enjoy.

Disclaimer: The markers on this map are not guaranteed to be accurate. Use any and all information on this site at your own risk. Backcountry activities can be dangerous. Please make smart decisions.