Your Guide To Backcountry Skiing Guidebooks


Get The Beta You Need To Explore The Backcountry With These Backcountry Skiing Guidebooks

Backcountry Skiing Guidebooks
A Collection Of Random Guidebooks

Heading on a powder chasing road trip? Exploring new backcountry zones? Want the beta on the greatest ski mountaineering lines? You need to pick up a backcountry skiing guidebook.

Backcountry skiing guidebooks are valuable resources for any skier or rider who likes to earn their turns. Images, maps, descriptions, stats, and local knowledge can help to maximize your enjoyment of the backcountry. Pick up a guidebook and go exploring. You’ll be able to find a lifetime of mountain adventures. A guidebook is a smart investment anytime you head into a new zone.

Below you’ll find a big list of backcountry skiing guidebooks from around the world. Some may be out of print. Others are brand new. One or two haven’t even been released yet. All of these books are backcountry skiing specific. There is plenty of beta on great lines in other types of guide books too, but this list is a fantastic starting point for figuring out where to set your next skin track.

Discover your next adventure in one of the backcountry skiing guidebooks:

Alaska Backcountry Skiing Guidebooks

Canada Backcountry Skiing Guidebooks

  • Rogers Pass: Uptracks, Bootpacks, & Bushwacks – Douglas Sproul – View on – Read the review
  • Ski Touring In Rogers Pass – Eric Dafoe and John Kelly – View on
  • Exploring The Coast Mountains On Skis – John Baldwin – View on 
  • Island Turns and Tours – Philip Stone – View on
  • Whistler & Area Ski Touring Guide – Vince Shuley – View on
  • Lake Louise Sunshine Banff Ski Touring Guide – Shaun King – View on
  • Ski Trails In The Canadian Rockies – Chic Scott – View on
  • West Kootenay Touring Guide – View On
  • Haines Pass Backcountry Skiing – Claude Vallier – View On
  • White Pass Backcountry Skiing – Claude Vallier – View On
  • A Guide To Ski Touring In Whistler, Garibaldi Park, Squamish, and Pemberton Areas – Paul Phillips – View On
  • Summits & Icefields 1: Alpine Ski Tours In The Canadian Rockies – Chic Scott and Mark Klassen
  • Summits & Icefields 2: Alpine Ski Tours In The Columbia Mountains – Chic Scott and Mark Klassen

California Backcountry Skiing Guidebooks

  • Backcountry Skiing California’s Eastern Sierra – Nat Greenberg and Dan Mingori
  • Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Routes: California – Jeremy Benson
  • Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding Lake Tahoe – Brandyn Roth
  • 50 Classic Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Summits In California: Mount Shasta To Mount Whitney – Paul Richins Jr.
  • Backcountry Skiing California’s High Sierra – John Moynier
  • Ski Touring In California – David Beck
  • Ski Tours In The Sierra Nevada: Lake Tahoe – Marcus Libkind
  • Ski Tours In The Sierra Nevada: East of the Sierra – Marcus Libkind
  • Ski Tours In The Sierra Nevada: Carson Pass, Bear Valley, and Pinecrest – Marcus Libkind
  • Ski Tours In The Sierra Nevada: Yosemite, Huntington and Shaver Lakes, Kings Canyon and Sequoia – Marcus Libkind

Colorado Backcountry Skiing Guidebooks

  • Making Turns In Colorado’s Front Range Volume 1: South Of Interstate 70 – Fritz Sperry
  • Making Turns In Colorado’s Front Range Volume 2: North Of Interstate 70 And Indian Peaks – Fritz Sperry
  • Making Turns In The Tenmile-Mosquito Range: A Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Guidebook – Fritz Sperry
  • Silverton Off-Piste Ski Atlas – Andy Sovick –  View on
  • Crested Butte Off-Piste Atlas – Andy Sovick – View on
  • Backcountry Skiing and Ski Mountaineering In Rocky Mountain National Park – Mark Kelly
  • Backcounty Ski & Snowboard Routes: Colorado – Frank & Brittany Konsella
  • Classic Colorado Ski Descents – Jon Kedrowski
  • Dawson’s Guide To Colorado Backcountry Skiing, Volume 1 – Lou Dawson
  • Colorado Tenth Mountain Huts and Trails: The Official Guide to America’s Largest Backcountry Ski Hut System – by Lou Dawson
  • Colorado High Routes: Aspen-Vail-Crested Butte Ski Tours Including The Tenth Mountain Trail by Lou Dawson
  • Climbing and Skiing Colorado’s Mountains: 50 Select Ski Descents – Ben Conners and Brian Miller
  • Indian Peak Descents: Ski Mountaineering & Snowboarding in Colorado’s Indian Peaks – Ron Haddad
  • Ski & Snowshoe Routes: Colorado’s Front Range – Alan Apt
  • Front Range Descents: Spring and Summer Skiing and Snowboarding In Colorado’s Front Range – Ron Haddad and Eileen Faughey
  • Ski The 14ers – Chris Davenport
  • Colorado Hut To Hut Volume 1: Northern And Central Regions – Brian Litz
  • Colorado Hut To Hut Volume 2: Southern Mountains – Brian Litz
  • Skiing Colorado’s Backcountry: Northern Mountains – Trails and Tours – Brian Litz and Kurt Lankford
  • Backcountry Skiing Berthoud Pass – Jordan Lipp
  • Powder Ghost Towns: Epic Backcountry Runs in Colorado’s Lost Ski Resorts by Peter Bronski
  • Backcountry Skiing and Snowshoeing in Grand County, Colorado – by Deborah Carr and Lou Ladrigan

Idaho Backcountry Skiing Guidebooks

Montana Backcountry Skiing Guidebooks

  • Backcountry Skiing Bozeman and Big Sky – Ben Werner – Read the AMJ Review – View on
  • Western Montana Backcountry Ski Guide – Jeff Schmerker

Northeast  Skiing Guidebooks

  • Best Backcountry Skiing In The Northeast – David Goodman
  • Backcountry Skiing Adventures: Maine and New Hampshire – David Goodman
  • Backcountry Skiing Adventures: Vermont and New York – David Goodman
  • Ski & Snowshoe Trails In The Adirondacks – Tony Goodwin
  • The Adirondack Slide Guide – Drew Haas – View on

Oregon Backcountry Skiing Guidebooks

  • Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Routes: Oregon – Chris Van Tilburg
  • Backcountry Ski! Oregon: Classic Descents For Skiers & Snowboarders, Including Southwest Washington – Christopher Van Tilburg
  • Oregon Descents A Backcountry Ski Guide To The Southern Cascades – David Waag

Utah Backcountry Skiing Guidebooks

  • Backcountry Skiing Utah: A Guide To The State’s Best Ski Tours – Tyson Bradley
  • Backcountry Skiing Utah – Tyson Bradley
  • Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Routes Utah – Jared Hargrave
  • The Chuting Gallery – A Guide To Steep Skiing In The Wasatch Mountains – Andrew McLean
  • Wasatch Tours Volume 1: An Introduction – David Hanscom & Alexis Kelner
  • Wasatch Tours Volume 2: The Northern Wasatch -David Hanscom & Alexis Kelner
  • Wasatch Tours Volume 3: The Southern Wasatch – David Hanscom & Alexis Kelner

Washington Backcountry Skiing Guidebooks

  • Backcountry Skiing In The Washington’s Cascades – Rainer Burgdorfer
  • 100 Classic Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Routes In Washington – Rainer Burgdorfer
  • Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Routes Washington – Martin Volken –  Read the AMJ Review
  • Backcountry Skiing Snoqualmie Pass – Martin Volken
  • Backcountry Ski! Washington: THe Best Trails And Descents For Free Heelers And Snowboarders – Seabury Blair Jr.
  • Backcountry Skiing Snoqualmie Pass, Washington – Matt Schonwald – View on

Wyoming Ski Touring Guidebooks

  • Teton Skiing: A History And Guide To The Teton Range, Wyoming – Thomas Turiano
  • Jackson Hole Ski Atlas – Angus M. Thuermer – Read the AMJ Review
  • Teton Pass Backcountry Guide – Thomas Turiano
  • Jackson Hole Backcountry Skier’s Guide: South – Thomas Turiano
  • The Black Book: Select Lines From Grand Teton National Park – Conor Miller – View on

Multiple Locations In North America

  • Wild Snow – Lou Dawson
  • Select Peaks Of Greater Yellowstone – Tom Turiano – Read the AMJ Review
  • 50 Classic Ski Descents Of North America – Chris Davenport

Alps Ski Touring Guidebooks

  • Alpine Ski Mountaineering Western Alps: Volume 1 – Bill O’Connor
  • Alpine Ski Mountaineering Central and Eastern Alps Volume 2 – Bill O’Connor
  • Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt: Guide For Skiers and Mountain Walkers – Peter Cliff
  • Vanoise Ski Touring – Paul Henderson
  • Skitourenfuhrer TirolView On
  • Skiing & Snowboarding Touren Atlas Schweiz by Markus von Glasenapp – View on

Balkans Ski Touring Guidebooks

  • Skiing The Balkans: Fifty Backcountry Ski Descents In Bulgaria by Dimitar Dimitrov

Dolomites Ski Touring Guidebooks

  • Ski Touring And Snowshoeing In The Dolomites – James Rushforth

Andes Backcountry Skiing Guidebooks

  • Chile – Argentina Handbook Of Ski Mountaineering In The Andes by Fredric Lena

New Zealand Ski Touring Guidebooks

This is a big list of backcountry skiing guidebooks, but it’s far from complete. Skiers are always publishing new guidebooks and it’s likely we’ve missed a few too. Please tell us about additional backcountry skiing guidebooks in the comments below and we’ll be sure to add them. Thanks!