British Skier Escapes Pack Of Wolves In Bulgarian Backcountry


Even though this story happened in February 2016, it seems to have just hit mainstream media – and it’s definitely an exciting tale indeed.

Wolves | Pixabay Image
Wolves | Pixabay Image

In February, British skier Janveer Sandhu, 30, of Essex, was on a ski holiday in Bansko, Bulgaria. While skiing he got confused by the trail signs and soon found himself in backcountry terrain surrounded by thick forest.

As he was skiing, Sandhu struck a tree at a high rate of speed and bashed his nose. At this point he looked up and saw three wolves staring him down. Some sources say he was face to face with the wolves, while others say they were a few hundred feet away – either way wolves in the backcountry is a terrifying thought.

In an attempt to escape the wolves and to find the piste, Sandhu trudged uphill through waist deep snow for 45 minutes. To move faster, he decided to remove his ski boots and ascend in just his socks. He eventually climbed a tree to escape the wolves and found shelter for the night.

In the distance he saw rescue teams with search lights, but they were too far away. His mobile phone had no service. Sandhu stayed in the tree throughout the night in freezing temps, eating snow to stay hydrated.

At sunrise he walked downhill to the closest road and was rescued from this nightmare by a Romanian family driving past. Sandhu was taken to the hospital and on February 13 he returned home to the UK to seek further medical attention. His lower extremities suffered severe frostbite from the ordeal. Luckily, doctors were able to save his legs, but did have to amputate one and a half toes.

Many media sources are comparing his tale to the recent Leonardo DiCaprio film, The Revenant. It also seems to have many similarities to the 2010 horror film, Frozen.

This is an amazing tale of survival and Sandhu is incredibly lucky to be alive. Hopefully you never find yourself in this situation.


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