Can A Wolverine Save You From An Avalanche?


Wolverines have a notorious reputation in the wild. That’s why it might surprise you that they could be the perfect search and rescue animal.

Watch as Casey Anderson from America The Wild on NatGeoWild gets buried in snow. His rescuer is Jasper the wolverine.

Do you think this is a viable option for avalanche rescue in the future? If this topic interests you, here’s an article titled Wolverines: The Future Of Search And Rescue from that’s worth a read.

Read more about wolverines in The Wolverine Way by Douglas H. Chadwick:


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Uploaded on Feb 28, 2012
America the Wild: Wolverine King : SUN MAR 11 at 9P et/pt :…

Casey gets buried in a snowdrift… only to get pulled out by a tenacious wolverine.