Brooks Range Field Organizer Review


Gear Review: Brooks Range Field Organizer

Price: $19
Weight: 1.2 oz
Size: 4″x7″ (Perfect for a Rite In The Rain Book #311)
Summary: This burly and compact backcountry organizer is the best way to organize the things you need and to document what you see in the backcountry.


The Brooks Range Field Organizer is the absolute best way to stay organized in the backcountry. This ultra-lightweight, bright yellow and red organizer is basically my backcountry office. It holds everything I need when I’m heading out into the mountains.

Brooks Range Field Organizer
Front of Brooks Range Field Organizer

Weighing only 1.2 ounces and measuring only 4″x7″, the Brooks Range Field organizer is a compact and handy thing to have in the backcountry. Plus, it slips right into to the leg pocket of my Arcteryx Stinger bibs and I don’t even notice it.

Brooks Range Field Organizer
Pocket Worthy

The bright yellow and red colors make it easy to spot if you drop it in a snowpit or if it lives in your pack. The Field organizer features six inner book sized pockets and one inner compass sized pocket, three exterior pencil/thermometer slots, a bookmark, and a burly velcro closure strap. It’s pretty simple, yet it holds a lot.

Brooks Range Field Organizer
Inner Pockets and Bookmark

The crew over at Brooks Range designed the Field Organizer to fit a Rite In the Rain #311 waterproof notebook – the ideal notebook for mountain adventures. In one of these notebooks you can plan your route, track your group, take notes, record weather and snow obs, document snow pits, or jot down any other details you want to record on the day.

Brooks Range Field Organizer
Organizer with #311

Besides your all weather notebook, the other inner pockets can be used for things like a snow crystal card, maps, permits, client information, All-In-One Map Tool Pro, or ski guide cards. There is a larger pocket on the back inner flap that could hold a slope meter or a compass, but I find that things tend to slip out of this pocket. On the exterior there are three slots for pencils or snow thermometers. The bookmark works, but is unnecessary for my use as a simple office clip can mark your page much easier.

The Things I Carry

For me the Brooks Range Field Organizer is perfect for documenting my adventures, taking personal notes, and for guiding. At just $19, it’s an easy thing to pick up that will last for years. And it’s way better than a clumsy old ziploc bag. I use it year round as my backcountry organizational tool and I’m super happy with it.

For many people, the Brooks Range Field Organizer is totally unnecessary. It’s ideal for educational courses, regular documentation, or for mountain guiding. If you don’t document what you find or work professionally in the mountains, you don’t need this product. If you do, pick one up and you’ll see why this thing rocks.

Brooks Range Field Organizer
Recording Snow Obs

If for some reasons, the Brooks Range Field Organizer doesn’t meet your needs, check out the Brooks Range Field Organizer Pro. It features zippers, pockets, and a few more bells and whistles.

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