California 14ers – List and Map Of The Fourteeners In California

The great state of California is home to numerous peaks over 14,000′.  The exact number of California 14ers depends on who you ask – it varies between 12 and 15.. If you’re looking to climb or ski one of the California 14ers, you’ll need to head to the Sierra Nevada, the White Mountain Range, or the Cascades.

The Sierra Nevada is home to majority of California 14ers – including  Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the lower 48 states. Prime climbing season runs from June to September. Which one will you climb or ski first?

California 14ers Map:

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(All pinpoints are close, but are not 100% accurate)

These 15 fourteeners are scattered across the state of California in three different mountain ranges:

  1. Cascades – 1
  2. White Mountains – 1
  3. Sierra Nevada – 13

California 14ers List:

1Whitney14,505'Sierra Nevada
2Williamson14,379'Sierra Nevada
3White Mountain Peak14,252'White Mountain
4North Palisade14,248'Sierra Nevada
5*Starlight Peak14,206'Sierra Nevada
7Sill14,159'Sierra Nevada
8*Polemonium Peak14,106'Sierra Nevada
9Russell14,094'Sierra Nevada
10Split Mountain14,064'Sierra Nevada
11Langley14,032'Sierra Nevada
12Tyndall14,025'Sierra Nevada
13Middle Palisade14,018'Sierra Nevada
14Muir14,018'Sierra Nevada
15*Thunderbolt Peak14,009'Sierra Nevada

The elevations listed here are taken from the American Alpine Institute.

*denotes peak is less than 300′ higher than the adjacent 14er and therefore not necessarily an “official” California 14er.

California 14ers Speed Record

Sean O’Rourke holds the speed record for climbing all 15 of the California 14ers. He completed this mountain project in 62 hours and 3 minutes in August 2012.

How many of the California 14ers have you climbed or skied? If you’ve climbed or skied them all, leave a note in the comments below.

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