Glacier Park Lodge To Be Demolished By Parks Canada


It’s Time To Say Goodbye To The Iconic Glacier Park Lodge On Rogers Pass

Rogers Pass, British Columbia – The Glacier Park Lodge sits at the summit of Rogers Pass next to the Glacier National Park Visitor Center on Highway 1, aka the Trans-Canada Highway. The 54-year-old building opened in 1962 when the Trans-Canada Highway opened over Rogers Pass, but now it will be demolished.

Rogers Pass: Uptracks, Bootpacks, & Bushwhacks by Douglas Sproul
Rogers Pass

At its prime, the Glacier Park Lodge had room for 50 people, two restaurants, and a gas station. It’s steep green roofs were a haven for backcountry skiers and hikers along with an ideal rest area to escape the bad weather on the pass. Unfortunately, the Glacier Park Lodge fell on tough times.

The Glacier Park Lodge operated on a lease from Parks Canada that lasted until 2010. When the lease expired, the owners continued to operate on a monthly basis until 2012, when the building was shut down. Since the Glacier Park Lodge closed, it has been the subject of lengthy legal battles between Parks Canada and the former owners. Read more about the legal battles on

Now in October 2016, the legal battles are over and Parks Canada has taken control of the Glacier Park Lodge. They plan to demolish the lodge as it has been derelict for four years. During that time it deteriorated badly and there is a pest problem.

Parks Canada will demolish the site over the next few months and then assess the site for future redevelopment. According to Parks Canada, “Any potential redevelopment will involve public engagement and consider present and future summer and winter services, visitor safety, and cultural and natural resource management requirements.”

It’s sad to see the historic Glacier Park Lodge go, but it is excited to see what Parks Canada plans to do with the space.

Watch a short promo video of the Glacier Park Lodge on Rogers Pass from YouTube:

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