Westward – The Lifecycle Of A Powderwhore


KBG Productions is back with Season II of Westward. The first episode, The Lifecycle of A Powderwhore shines the spotlight on Jonah Howell. This is his story of leaving the Mormon Church and starting a humorous ski film company called PowderWhore.

Watch: Westward – The Lifecycle Of A Powderwhore

Westward: The Lifecycle of a Powderwhore from KGB Productions on Vimeo.

Powderwhore embodied the skiing dirtbag culture – deep pow, cool lines, and good old fashioned fun.

Read the official description from Vimeo:

Jonah Howell grew up in a devout Mormon family in Salt Lake City, UT. He first started skiing in high school, but his mission, a mandate of the Mormon Church, took him far away from the powder of the Wasatch. Fortunately for all you Powderwhores fans out there, he quickly realized that the church wasn’t for him and re-directed his energy, pursuing skiing and the mountain life, with the piety of a true Jack Mormon. But it wasn’t until he borrowed his dad’s camcorder and together with his brother Jonah, started crafting ski edits of his friends that the idea occurred to him that he might be able to make a living, albeit a dirtbag one, from the ski bum way of life.
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