Bow Hunter Shoves Arm Down Grizzly Bear’s Throat To Escape Attack


Hunter Survives Grizzly Attack By Applying This Useful Anatomy Fact

Chase Dellwo, 26, of Belgrade, Montana was bow hunting for elk with his brother Shane northwest of Choteau, Montana when he startled a sleeping 350 to 400 pound male grizzly bear.

Grizzly Bear Pixabay
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Without time to draw his bow, the bear attacked Dellwo, who remembered the wise wisdom bestowed on him by his grandmother – large animals have sensitive gag reflexes. Dellwo quickly shoved his arm down the grizzly’s throat, which caused the animal to release him and leave the scene.

Dellwo quickly found his brother and they drove to the hospital. He received multiple bite wounds, but he survived. He does not blame the bear (The Guardian).

According to the, Dellwo will wait until rifle season to resume hunting. Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks are investigating the incident.

Grandmothers always give the best advice.


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