Jogger Drowns Rabid Raccoon In Puddle With Bare Hands Near Hope, Maine

Raccoon | Pixabay Image

Raccoon | Pixabay Image

Hope, Maine – On June 3, 2017 Rachel Borch, 21, went for a run near her home near Hope, Maine. While on the narrow trail she encountered a rabid raccoon.

The rabid forest creature was “baring its tiny teeth” and “began “bounding” toward her”. After trying to get away, she used her hands to subdue the animal. Borch was bit on the thumb and was scratched on her arms and legs.

To save herself, she went for a puddle in the path and drowned the raccoon. After killing the raccoon, she ran down the trail and went to the hospital for medical treatment for rabies. Rabies is 100% fatal if it goes untreated.

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