Knots & Ropes For Climbers by Duane Raleigh Book Review

Knots & Ropes For Climbers Book Review
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Book Review: Knots & Ropes For Climbers by Duane Raleigh

Every alpinist, mountaineer, climber, and skier needs to know the right knots to get the job done safely. If you’re new to knots or are looking for a refreshing and entertaining book to learn the ropes, pick up a copy of Knots & Ropes For Climbers by Duane Raleigh. It’s an excellent resource.

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Raleigh teamed up with illustrator, Mike Clelland (Glacier Mountaineering, Ski Tips For Kids, Telemark Tips, Avalanche Book, etc.), on this useful reference book about knots. It’s been well received by the knot loving world and even won the 1998 National Outdoor Book Award.

The beauty of this book is that the step-by-step illustrations are easy to follow, making it easy to learn how to tie a huge number of knots, hitches, and variations. You’ll learn how to tie Overhands, Fisherman’s, Figure Eights, Bowlines, Butterflies, Half Hitches, Ring Bends, Clove Hitches, Slip Knots, Prusiks, Klemheists, Munter Mules, Coils, and more in no time flat when you read this book. There are 19 fundamental knots and 16 variations in the book.

Knots & Ropes For Climbers teaches you more than just how to tie all of these knots. With each knot you’ll learn about what the knot is good for and what it’s not good for. You’ll learn tips on how to tie it safely, what it’s commonly used for and what else it can be used for. It’s good information that you need to commit to memory if you want to be a climber.

Knots & Ropes For Climbers Book Review
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The book also dives into topics like rope care, rope types, cord, webbing, and terminology. The official chapters include:

  • About Knots
  • Knotty Words
  • Starter Knots
  • Knots
  • On Rope
  • Rope Care
  • On Cord
  • On Webbing
  • Glossary

It comes down to the fact that you need to know how to tie knots if you want to safely travel in the backcountry. There are countless books out there about knot tying, but one of the most entertaining books for knot tying that I have found is Knots & Ropes For Climbers. It seems to simplify the knot tying process, while making the learning process enjoyable.

Knots & Ropes For Climbers Book Review
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Chalk it up to the fact that I’m a fan of Mike Clelland or maybe I’m just easily entertained by cartoons, but I find that this is the book I’m most likely to turn to if I need a reminder on how to tie a knot or a hitch. The drawings are straightforward and easy to understand, while the text is clear, concise, and accurate.

Knots are an important safety component for every type of climbing. You need to know how to tie the right knot in the right situation. This is entirely your responsibility. When you’re cold, tired, and exposed all those hours of knot tying practice will be time well spent. Pick up a copy of Knots & Ropes For Climbers by Duane Raleigh or grab a different knot book. Read it and practice until you know how to tie every knot and you know when to apply it.

Buy Knots & Ropes For Climbers today. Add it to your mountain reference library. You won’t instantly become a climber just by owning this book. Learn your knots and seek out a professional guide to learn how to climb. Don’t go climbing until you LEARN YOUR KNOTS!

Knots & Ropes For Climbers is published by StackPole Books. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and is about 96 pages long.