The Engineer – The Faces of Dav – Episode 2


Watch The Faces of Dav – Episode 2 – The Engineer

In the second episode of The Faces of Dav, Chris Davenport ensures that he maintains an active role in the ski world by intergrating himself into the ski industry as a product designer.

Watch this episode for an inside look at the Scarpa factory in Asolo, Italy and the Kastle factory in Salzburg, Austria as Dav helps to design the Scarpa Freedom SL Boot and the Kastle FX94 Freeride skis.

To test the products, Davenport ventures out to ski in Italy’s Dolomites – most notable skiing the Holzer Couloir. Awesome.


Official description from RedBull on YouTube:
Watch Chris build his signatures skis:
What does it take to succeed in the ski business? For Chris Davenport a critical part of the recipe has been integration into the industry itself. Making a stop in Asolo, Italy and Salzburg, Austria, Chris puts on his engineering hat; building his own pair of Scarpa Freedom SL boots and Kastle FX freeride skis before hitting the Dolomites of Italy to test-drive the new equipment in the famous Holzer Couloir.

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