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The Metolius Simulator 3D Training Board is a fantastic addition to any climber’s home. Hopefully during warm weather you’re out on real rock, but when it starts to get cold and you’re developing skier arms, this year round training device is the ideal way to keep your arms in climbing shape.

Metolius Simulator 3D Training Board
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This 7th generation Metolius training board has been fine-tuned to near perfection. It is made of polyester resin that is CNC milled for perfect symmetry. It slightly tapers both outward and downward to help prevent training injuries and increase clearance. It’s a definite improvement from many training boards.

You can hang the Simulator 3D above pretty much any doorway. This way when you walk through the door and see the training board, you’ll get inspired to do a quick 10-minute workout. With 18 different holds – pockets, edges, slopers, jugs. You can do dead hangs, bent arm hangs, offset hangs, pull ups, offset pull ups, one-arm pull-ups, L-hang, and front levers. If you can do all of these moves, the training board will help build forearm and grip strength and endurance.

The holds on the Simulator 3D are sturdy, grippy, and rugged. Some people complain that it is even a bit too rough if you suffer from dreaded keyboard fingers from the office job. I’ve heard of many people that use chalk on their boards. I prefer not too as it gets bit messy. Other people recommend liquid chalk to keep the mess down.

It is super easy to install the Simulator 3D. You’ll need a drill, screws, mounting board, level, and tape measurer. The Metolius installation guide recommends to first find the cripple studs above your door frame. Then mount a 3/4″ rectangular plywood mounting board centered above the door. Make sure it is screwed into the framing. You will need 3″ #9 decking screws to do this. Ensure the mounting board is larger than the Simulator 3D (28″ x 7.5″). Finally center and level your training board on the mounting board. The Simulator 3D comes with eight screws for this.

Metolius Simulator 3D Training Board
Metolius Simulator 3D Training Board

Once all of the screws are tight and the board is level, you are ready to go. It’s certainly not going anywhere if it’s installed correctly. I opted for a 1″ x 12″ x 48″ poplar board for my mounting board because that’s what I had. Metolius does sell a mounting board if you are unable to make your own and Blank Slate sells one that is mount free.

After only a few weeks of regular use, I can feel a difference in my grip strength, forearm strength, and endurance. I use the board everyday that I’m not outside on rock and would highly recommend it. You will see the benefits of this product quickly and it will directly translate to your on-rock skill set and climbing ability. Although training on the Simulator 3D does not replace real rock experience.

The best training regiment for the Metolius Simulator 3D comes directly from Metolius. They have entry level (me), intermediate, and advanced workout recommendations. Each workout lasts 10-minutes. Be sure to work your way into it.

Here is Metolius’s entry level work out plan:

Time (minutes) Task
1st minute       15 second hang, Jug
2nd minute      1 pull-up, Round Sloper
3rd minute       10 second hang, Medium Edge
4th minute        15 second hang w/ 3 shrugs, Pocket
5th minute        20 second hang w/ 2 pull-ups, Large Edge
6th minute        10 second hang, Round Sloper, 5 knee raises, Pocket
7th minute        4 pull-ups, Large Edge
8th minute        10 second hang, Medium Edge
9th minute        3 pull-ups, Jug
10th minute      Hang as long as you can, Round Sloper

It’s worth checking out this Metolius Simulator Training Guide as it has a picture of the Simulator 3D with the holds numbered. This makes it way easier to know which hold to use for each minute. There is also a great YouTube video for the entry level workout too.

Metolius Simulator 3D
Board with Holds Numbered

The Metolius Simulator 3D is an awesome training tool. There is no question that it builds strength and endurance, but it may not be worth upgrading from an older version of the Metolius training board. There is nothing earth shattering in this newest design. I do like it compared to the simple Metolius Rock Rings, but it is a better and more in-depth product. If you’re in the market for a training board, this is the one to purchase. It’s kind of like having your own climbing gym nestled above your favorite doorway.

Now it’s time to turn on your favorite tunes and get strong.

Metolius Simulator 3D Training Board
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