RECALL: CAMP Cassin Blade Runner Crampons


CAMP Issues Recall for Cassin Blade Runner Crampons

CAMP is recalling all Cassin Blade Runner and Blade Runner Alpine Crampons. If you have these crampons, stop using them immediately and contact CAMP.

Recall: CAMP Cassin Blade Runner Crampons (Photo from
Recall: CAMP Cassin Blade Runner Crampons (Image from

According to there is “a risk of fatigue-caused breaking of the supports of the removable front points (see picture); such breaking may take place after the front points have undertaken a high number of solicitations.” There have been no injuries reported yet.

To remedy the problem, CAMP has “redesigned the front portion of the crampon.” Replacement parts should be available as of July 2015. If you have any affected crampons contact CAMP USA for inspection and installation of replacement parts.

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