RECALL: CAMP Tour Nanotech Crampons


CAMP Issues Recall for Tour Nanotech Automatic & Semi-Automatic Crampons

CAMP is recalling all Tour Nanotech Automatic Crampons and Tour Nanotech Semi-Automatic Crampons. If you have these crampons, stop using them immediately and contact CAMP.

Recall: CAMP Tour Nanotech Crampons (Photo from
Recall: CAMP Tour Nanotech Crampons (Photo from

According to there are “inconsistencies in the crimp at the end of the attachment points on the rear heel bail where the bail connects to the crampon. With strong outward pressure, the heel bail can come free from its attachment to the crampon causing the boot to come free from the crampon.”

To fix the problem, CAMP has manufactured replacement parts that should be available as of July 2015. If you have any affected crampons contact CAMP USA for inspection and installation of replacement parts.

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